Largest family owned operation in Kittitas county, founded in 1924
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A-1 Petroleum is a nationwide fueling network that has prioritized people over profit since 1924 as the largest family-owned operation in Kittitas County. We take pride in delivering honest, reliable, and affordable fueling services to our customers. When you call us, you will get a direct answer from our team who are always ready to help you with your fueling needs. 

The safety of our customers is paramount, and we’re committed to offering more than just services. That’s why we provide regular updates on propane safety, updates to codes, fair prices of fuel, and home-heating safety. We care deeply about our people, and we strive to ensure that our services exceed their expectations. 

Join us today and experience the difference in our family-owned fueling network.

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OUR Goal

Here at A-1 Petroleum & Propane we aim to educate and service the public on safety, efficiency, and guidance. We are here to help you!

We started our propane division in 1991 and have never looked back. Being our community’s source for dependable propane solutions is something we take an incredible amount of pride in, both for our efficiency and price value.
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A-1 is committed to providing top-of-the-line fuel provision and management services. This means a wide range of quality products and convenient servicing to both residential and commercial customers.
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Lube Oil
Similarly, A-1 Petroleum also presents a huge selection of lubricants meant for the needs of our every customer — for the home or the farm, and light work to industrial practices. Here you can find every size and volume for any situation.
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Pacific Pride
A-1 is an independent franchise of Pacific Pride. Pacific Pride is a nationwide fueling network that allows both fleets and individuals to access high-quality fuel when, and where they need it.
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A-1 is a proud partner of HopeSource, a non-profit operated by Kittitas county that helps with heating costs in the winter. HopeSource also moves people to self-sufficiency by providing access to education, employment, economic development, and vital services.
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We take care of our customers like they’re part of the family. That means being there for you at every step of the way. Apply now for access to all the products you need: bulk fuel deliveries, propane, lubricants, and did we mention great customer service?

Where honesty
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Never Pay More Than You Should! A-1 Petroleum got its start by providing small farmers and community players with fair prices and honest service. Today, they are still at the core of our business. At A-1, we value small businesses just as much as our larger operators. Ever since 1924, we’ve been trusted to give you the best value for your dollar. We uphold that promise still today.

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